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 Mark Henry Returns

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PostSubject: Mark Henry Returns   Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:56 pm

Mark Henry music hits and immediately sends fear in the hearts of the EDHW fans. Mark Henry makes his appearance on the stage with the Hardcore championship on his shoulder. Mark Henry makes his way down to the ring and the fans are too scare to eveb cheer or boo Henry. Mark Henry grabs a mic and enters the ring and before Henry spoke he held up his title that he won back at Meltdown.

Mark Henry

It amazes me how me not having a match for one single week that alot of things has changed. Cuz now we got to huge factions called Decapitation Station a group that consists of management that runs this company and you got the group call Fortune who consists of Rebel wrestlers of EHDW and it seems there is a power struggle going on here. Well I'm here to tell you that The World's Most Strongest and Dangerous man is back and I'm here to reclaim my position at the top of the EHDW food chain.

Mark Henry paused for a second

Mark Henry

But my absent was unexpected because last week on Carnage I was suppose to face Sean Masters the man who was brave enough to be your all's hero and try to take me out. But when I was gettin ready for my match he never did show up. Which to me I wouldn't blame him.....BUT when you run yo mouth about being the fans hero and shit well you better baack it up because I take that as a slap to the face! So Sean Masters if you ever decided to show your ass around here again be on yo gaurd cuz I'm coming after yo life and just like all th I will take you out of the game for good!

Mark Henry takes another pause

Mark Henry

But this time I'm scheduled in a match tonight. I'm not facing one opponent but TWO. My opponents are Fortune member Zeke Nero and my other opponent is the soo called Anti Christ of Pro Wrestling Jeff Hardy. Hopefully my two opponents won't run away this time like the last one did cuz the last thing we need is an angry Mark Henry and I promise you that won't be good for anyone who steps in the ring with me or whoever is in my line of vision. This match is very symbolic because not only you will see the Hardcore Champion in action but I might be competing against the world champion Cole Scorpio. And another reason why this match is important because after I'm done with Zeke Nero from Fortune I will send a message to both stables that I run this. I'm the man who is dominate I'm the alpha male in this company and ain't no damn body will ever change that. It doesn't matter if your in a tag team not if your in a stable not even if your in an army nothing can save you from the rage and destruction of the EHDW Hardcore Champion, The World's Strongest And Most Dangerous Man MARK HENRY!!!

Mark Henry drops his mic and raises his championship up high for everyone to see and a reminder how he earned that title. Mark Henry exits the ring and went back to his locker room.
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Mark Henry Returns
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