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 Kigi Kingston: Step One

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PostSubject: Kigi Kingston: Step One   Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:56 pm

The arena lights up in a spectacular array of colours as “No Problem” by Chase and Status blasts out of the speakers.
Out steps a tall, dark haired, man, microphone in hand and dressed in dark, faded jeans and a T-Shirt with some sort of logo on it.
Hello Audience! I introduce to you now the newest and greatest addition to the EHDW roster and also the most skilled wrestler in the world! KIGI KINGSTON!!

The man makes a large arm gesture to his right hand side, pointing at someone who is either invisible or imaginary.
The audience starts to laugh as the man looks around and checks his pockets, looking for this person he is introducing.
Oh yeah, that’s my cue.

The man walks forward to the ramp, now showing a smirk and some attitude.
You see, I am Kigi Kingston, the greatest and most unappreciated wrestler in THE WORLD.

The crowd begin to boo and chant “We want Kofi, not an annoying copy”
Oh, so you’ve heard of my brother, well, let me tell you, it’s not easy getting into a business in which everyone tries to compare you to your brother, even harder when that brother can’t wrestle, I mean I really understand how Kane feels, having a brother that gives you a bad name.

The audience boo louder and chant “Bury Kigi… Bury Kigi”
But onto my first order of business…

Kigi pulls a small notepad out from his pocket and reads it.
It says here, number one, show that I’m completely different from my brother… errmm, let’s try this…

Kigi drops his microphone and walks backstage.
The camera switches to a view of the backstage area, showing Golden Dragon eating a sandwich and doing stretches.
Out of the blue, Kigi comes on the screen and grabs Golden Dragon by the throat, before throwing him on the floor and kicking him. Golden Dragon tries to scramble away as Kigi continues to assault him. The camera moves back to the stage as Golden Dragon carries on trying to escape Kigi’s kicks.
Golden Dragon quickly dodges one of the kicks and gets back up to his feet, striking at Kigi’s stomach and kicking his legs relentlessly, Kigi backs away, grabbing at his legs in pain and trying to strike back in defence.
After several seconds, Mike Quackenbush runs out and tries to break up the fight by restraining Golden Dragon. Kigi stands up and stares at the two men, now starting to grapple with each other as Golden Dragon tries to get at Kigi only to be restrained by Mike Quackenbush.
Mike pushes Golden Dragon back until he is teetering on the edge of the stage, almost falling on to the sound equipment, Mike realises what is going to happening and holds him back to stop him from falling. At this point, Kigi begins to run at them both, turning to his left at the last second and lifting his right leg up to meet the back of Mike’s head, sending him into Golden Dragon and sending the latter falling down off of the stage and landing on a speaker with a loud, unnatural snapping sound.
Mike stops himself from falling and turns round to see what is happening; he has just enough time to utter a short “Stoopp” before being speared off of the stage by Kigi, the audience are shocked as the two men fall through the air and land on the concrete floor, Mike’s back first. The two men lie motionless for several minutes while EMTs come rushing to them, JR comes to stand by Kigi, as he gets up and takes JR’s microphone.
Kigi stands, swaying, bloody and bruised, barely able to stand but able to utter three words.
Number… One… Check

Kigi collapses on the floor and gets tended to by the EMTs.
The scene fades out with Golden Dragon and Mike Quackenbush both being taken to ambulances on stretchers.
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PostSubject: Re: Kigi Kingston: Step One   Sun Oct 02, 2011 12:57 pm

Kigi's music plays for a few minutes, as he stands, then fades out and Kigi stares at the screen wondering why.

Then a message is shown on the titantron saying "In 4 weeks I will come for your soul and bury your lifeless body in my grave dug especially for you."

then the message changes "Your soul will be trapped with countless others forever enslaved to me. At the night where evil spirits come out you will fall to the most powerful of them at Halloween."

The message fades leaving Kigi worried as he runs to the back.
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Kigi Kingston: Step One
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