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PostSubject: YOU KNOW WHAT TRENT ......    Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:09 pm

Michael McGillicutty come out in Ring attire , he ask for a mic and enters the ring

Michael McGillicutty:

You Know what Trent ..... you disrespected me wen you said

Trent Barretta: Michael McGillicutty, there's a reason you don't wrestle as Joe Hennig. The reason? You aren't talented enough to be a Hennig, and you're a disgrace to your father.

Michael McGillicutty:

you have some nerve saying that Kid ..... and you also said that i have the Promo skill's of a Rock?
and that i don't have charistma , and these fans hate me ...... you are a stupid Punk ass bitch ..
you are just Jealous because my Father was Mr. Perfect !! and he is WAYYYY better than any of these IDIOTS in the back
and to think that people like Dolph Ziggler take his Image that just makes me laugh ...
you can't make another perfect .... you have to be born perfect like i was ....

He smirks then continues...

Michael McGillicutty:

so let me tell you something..... why don't me and you go 1 one 1 .... to see who is the best rookie
.....well i don't realy count as a rookie .... i count as a Superstar ....
you are just lucky that Thor / Leon / Kevin nash / Phillip Phillips who ever the fuck Runs this company notice a LOSER like you
Bewcause if it was me ..... i would have never hired you...... so whats it going to be ....
will you man up and accept ...or pussy out ?....

(TBC by Kevin Nash)
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PostSubject: Re: YOU KNOW WHAT TRENT ......    Sat Oct 01, 2011 11:50 pm

Kevin Nash is shown on the Titantron ...

Kevin Nash:

Michael ..... c'mon man .... look i will make you a deal ok

on Carnage .... it

will be Christian & Michael McGillicutty vs Daniel Red & Trent Barretta

and the winner of that match will be the EHDW Tag Team Champions!!!

The Crowd cheers as they hear the news..... Michael McGillicutty smirks and exits the ring and heads backstage...
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