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 Jeff Hardy's Big Announcement...

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PostSubject: Jeff Hardy's Big Announcement...   Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:45 pm

Jeff Hardy comes out of the smoke and to reveal his new "W-Hol" shirt,which is now at EHDW.com/Shop

He has a mic in his hands,looking to make a speech...

"Now I've just got my paycheck from the Man of The Hour,Phillip Phillips.And since its a pretty big amount...I've decided to ya' know,spend it on something that will help me win the match on Demolition.I promise you...it will be a blast!"

*He drops the mic and leaves*

A Promo is now shown in the ring,featuring Jeff Hardy and Mister Reckless:

"WHAT THE HELL!?Now what does Jeffro have up his sleeves?How will he win his match on Demolition?Find out this Saturday only on Demolition!EHDW...two of the best e-feds around...joined into one!"
"Do you see the Enigma?"
-camera fades-
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Jeff Hardy's Big Announcement...
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