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 Cole Scorpio & Zeke Nero vs. Decapitation Station (The Notorious TRE & Dolph Ziggler)

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Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: Cole Scorpio & Zeke Nero vs. Decapitation Station (The Notorious TRE & Dolph Ziggler)   Fri Oct 21, 2011 5:03 pm

The following contest is scheduled for one fall... making his way to the ring... from Ypsilanti, Michigan, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds... he is the EHDW Champion... Cole... Scorpio!

Cole Scorpio walked out to the stage with the most prestigious title in EHDW history wrapped around his neck. The crowd had a mixed reaction, though leaning towards boos, as he strut down the ramp. Once at the ring, he ran up the stairs and jumped into the ring. He gave his title to the referee to put somewhere safe then leaned in the corner, waiting for his partner, soon-to-be opponent.

And his partner... from Choctaw, Mississippi, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds... Zeke... Nero!

The crowd booed even more now as Zeke Nero made his way down the ramp with a smug look on his face. As he entered the ring, his gaze never left Cole Scorpio's. Once in the ring, he eyed the EHDW Championship and tried to compromise with Cole in determining the first legal man.

And their opponents... at a combined weight of four hundred and thirty-six pounds... Decapitation... Station!

The crowd cheered when I Ain't Your Savior hit. The Notorious TRE and Dolph Ziggler walked out to the stage, side-by-side, staring smugly at their opponents in the ring. They strut down the ramp, glancing at the crowd occasionally as they neared the ring. They climbed up to the apron, then entered the ring before climbing opposite turnbuckles and performing Decapitation Station's signature throat-cut taunt. They then jumped down, and TRE being the legal man, remained in the ring and stared down Cole Scorpio.

Ding ding ding!

Cole Scorpio and The Notorious TRE quickly locked up in a collar-and-elbow tieup. Cole rolled over into a front facelock, but TRE pushed him away and got in a tight headlock. Cole managed to slip out of it, and went for another collar-and-elbow. Before he good, TRE showed his tiredness of the chain grappling and took out Cole with a huge kick right to the skull. TRE began to climb up top now, and backflipped to hit a moonsault. However, Cole lifted his knees at the last minute and knocked the wind out of him. Cole scrambled back to his feet, and went for a jumping headbutt. He hit TRE, then got back up. Zeke Nero quickly reached over and slapped Cole on the back, tagging himself in. Cole glared at Zeke, then kicked him in the gut through the middle rope and hit a butterfly suplex over the top rope. Cole exited to the apron, then glared at a grounded Zeke Nero as TRE began to get back up to his feet. TRE was back up now, and stared confused at an already downed Zeke Nero. He just shrugged it off, though, and hit a leg drop. TRE rolled over, then began to pick Zeke back up. He irish whipped him into his corner, then hit him with a high knee to the jaw. Zeke stumbled away from the corner, and TRE locked him in a waistlock and tagged his partner in. Dolph Ziggler entered the ring, and TRE locked in a full nelson while Dolph nailed him with right and left hands before superkicking the taste out of his mouth. TRE finished off with a full nelson slam, then went back to the apron as Dolph went for a cover.

1... 2... kickout!

Dolph was shocked Zeke kicked out after the beatdown, but continued to work away at him, hitting him with an elbow drop before lifting him back up. Zeke nailed him with a huge right hand, but Dolph returned a left hand and quickly irish whipped him into the corner. Dolph went for a corner splash, but Zeke quickly slipped out of the way. Before he could finally regain the upper hand on Decapitation Station, Cole tagged himself in then knocked out Zeke with a reverse hotshot. Cole springboarded into the ring and took down Dolph with a dropkick before kicking Zeke Nero out of the ring. Now back on his feet, Dolph Ziggler turned to Cole. He went for a punch, but Cole quickly blocked it and nailed a belly-to-belly suplex. Then, another belly-to-belly suplex. He was looking for something big here.... and a stiff bridging German suplex to top it off.

1... 2... kickout!

Cole wasn't too concerned that Ziggler kicked out, and began to taunt the crowd. Ziggler slowly began to crawl back to his corner, but Cole wouldn't let him. He grabbed him by the ankle and pulled him back to the center of the ring, then grabbed the other leg and slammed him down before lifting him back up again. Cole grabbed a groggy Ziggler and shoved his head between his legs. He lifted him over his shoulders, looking for his finishing move, the Powerbomb Facebuster... but no! Dolph Ziggler grabbed him by the head and countered into a small package!

1... 2... 3!

Ding ding ding!
Here are your winners... Decapitation... Station!


After the pinfall, Dolph sprung back to his feet, shocked at the three count. He grinned as TRE re-entered the ring and high-fived Ziggler. The ref stood between them and raised each of their arms in victory. As they celebrated, a shocked Cole got back up to his feet. He noticed Zeke Nero was back up, and standing outside of the ring. Cole quickly rebounded off the ropes, then flew over the top for a somersault plancha. He took out Zeke Nero, and DS paused their celebration and stared out in shock. Security ran in to separate Cole and Zeke as Decapitation Station began to exit the ring.
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Cole Scorpio & Zeke Nero vs. Decapitation Station (The Notorious TRE & Dolph Ziggler)
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