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 AJ Styles speaks.....

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PostSubject: AJ Styles speaks.....   Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:18 am

AJ Styles music hits and fans cheers and chants his name. AJ Styles makes his appearance on the stage making his way down to the ring. AJ Styles grabs a mic and enters the ring

AJ Styles

If you all haven't heard the news by now I'm sorry to say that I'm not in the main event with the fluke champion Cody Rhodes and the incompentant owner P2. But though I'm not all concerned with them at the moment because I have another wrestler to compete with that will need my undivided attention and that wrestler is Raymond Payne. From what I have seen from Raymond Payne he does have talent inside the ring. But he's no where near the level I'm at right now. Ever since that disappointing mishap during my match with P2 and Cody Rhodes. I have been in a really pissed off mood since I've been screwed out of that match. So Raymond Payne tonight when we face each other I'm not going to show you any mercy. I'm going to beat you down sooo viciously you won't even know what happened to your ass. So Raymond if I were you I wouldn't even bother up showing for our match because at the end all your going to do is job another match like you have been doing ever since the debut of EHDW.

The crowds chants AJ Styles name over an over

AJ Styles

Also P2 and Cody Rhodes watch my match pay very very close attention to it because I will show you who is suppose to be next in line for the EHDW championship and Cody this is directed especially to you. You will see a real man in action and notice that I will have no need to have a bodygaurd that you so desperately need. Also Cole Scorpio watch this match as well because if you think Michael Cole was tough well your going to see another star that is willing to take that world title from you and end your title reign.
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AJ Styles speaks.....
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