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 Phil listen up ...

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PostSubject: Phil listen up ...   Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:00 pm

The Whole EHDW Locker Room comes out Surrounding the ring , inside the ring is Kevin Nash holding a mic

Kevin Nash: Phil its come to my attention to hold this meeting because superstars in the back are complaining about ..... you being unfair ..
like Making yourself Main Event the PPV when it should be Mark Henry vs Cole Scorpio in the main event .... well basically what i am saying is that people here think you are Greedy , Unfair ,Egomaniac ...

Kevin Nash hands over the mic to the superstars

Edge: Edge then gets his turn on the mic and stands up.


"Phil we are here to protest against your unjust and unfair rule. We are all tired of the people getting handed their titles because they kiss your ass a lot. Loom at what happened to The Golden Dragon a man who was undefeated and a main eventer until you came to power and he was forgotten and soon fired. Phil You will either step down or you won't have a single wrestler to work for you.

Edge then passes the mic to someone else

Hands mic over to Chris Tame

Chris Tame : Me and my cousin get no matches,you put yourself in the mainevent when you are fighting for a mid-card title when we fight in one of the most frightning matches , i vote,NO CONFIDENCE

Jordan Spearson :The mic is handed to Jordan Spearson

Jordan Spearson:

"You know for the past week since i signed with the ehdw i have broken my neck, been speard twice, chick kicked, but no i realize it wasnt my fault it was P2's fault he let this all happen anything and everything. weather a guest star gets drunk in the backstage area or if a fight breaks loose there is no consiquence for there actions. But i speak for myself when i say i vote for No Confidence The Mic is passed around to the next superstar"

Jake Evans: "Phil, I've been here a short time. And to be honest, I'm quite afraid to show up to work. It's getting out of hand and you are not doing anything about it. Your main eventing yourself when you SHOULD be making sure it's a safe working place for the superstars of this company. I'm sorry Phil, No Confidence."

Mic gets Passed to McGillicutty:

Michael McGillicutty: Phil ..... i am ashamed that you put your self in the main event .... so i vote NO CONFIDENCE !!!!!!!!!!!

Michael passes it to Kigi that was standing right new to him

Kigi Kingston: Kigi steps up to the microphone, torn between the loyalty to the man that started out his career in ehdw and the knowledge that betraying him was the right thing to do.


These guys are right Phil, EHDW isn’t safe anymore, when I joined this company I thought that, especially being a member of Decapitation Station, I would be safe, but last night, I was Chokeslammed, Tombstoned, and Lightning Boltified by The Undertaker, and not one thing has been done about it.

And it’s not just me, Christina Tame, Jordan Spearson, Edge, all have been attacked for no reason and savagely beaten for no reason, most of them by you and Austin Cross.

Kigi looks shocked that these words are coming out of his mouth.


I’m sorry phil, but I vote no confidence aswell.

Mic gets passed to Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash : i'm sorry p2 but i vote No Confidence as well... and we refuse to wrestle ... untill you step down

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Phillip Phillips

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PostSubject: Re: Phil listen up ...   Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:59 pm


Phillip Phillips walked out with a disappointed look on his face. The crowd felt no need to cheer-- or make any noise, for that matter, for this was clearly a various situation. Phillip seemed to be thinking about what to say to the other wrestlers, taking his time as he walked down the ramp and up the steel steps before finally entering the ring. He stared down Kevin Nash, Edge, Jordan Spearson, Jake Evans, Michael McGillicutty, and Kigi Kingston, taking the time to carefully obeserve each of them, as he was trying to read the expression in their faces. He took a long breath of air before finally raising the microphone, and even then taking his sweet time before he finally spoke.

Wow... just wow.

He sighed and shook his head.

I just have so much to go through here, so lets divide this into parts, shall we?

He paused again, thinking some more about what they had said before.

First of all... really? Really? You're pissed because I'm the main event of a single damn match? Listen, Cody and I got a great feud going on right now. We're going through a phase with that title. Cole Scorpio and Mark Henry, on the other hand... that's just one match. They've never encountered eachother before that. Do you know what "greedy, unfair, and egomaniac" would be? If I put myself in a match on every show. Do you know how many matches I've had in this place so far, just by myself, no tag team or anything? Two. That's right, two. Dos. Deux. Zwei. Two. So if you think that's "greedy, unfair, and egomaniac", you might wanna check the dictonary again.

After the long lecture, he took a deep breath before continuing.

Oh, but wait, there's more. You think I give people titles because they kiss my ass? Oh hell no. If that was the case, Austin would have all the fucking titles in the company. He's probably my best friend here, and he has never had a single goddamn one. I didn't fire the Golden Dragon, okay? He quit. And Chris Tame, you gotta be fucking kidding me. You just fucking joined-- what, this week? Last week? I'm gonna put you in a match. But I've got everything all booked at the moment. And you think I'm greedy because I'm fighting for a mid-card title? I accepted Cody's challenge to the title match. You all want titles, right? Well I'm not different. I may be CEO, but I'm also a wrestler. And I want a goddamn title too, just as much as any of you.

He caught his breath again, doing more talking than ever (and Phil is a pretty talkative person).

Jordan. You are a fucking jackass. You think it's my fault you broke your goddamn neck? Are you fucking kidding me? Tell me, Jordan, who's the one that German suplexed you over the barricade? Hm, let me think about that for a s-- oh yeah, COLE FUCKING SCORPIO. Not me.

Phillip once again sighed whilst shaking his head in shame and pity.

And Jake, you too? I barely even fucking know you. You barely fucking know me. And now, all of the sudden, you think I'm some sort of self-centered jackass? Who convinced you that one, the same guy who thinks I broke his neck?

He raised an eyebrow, disappointed by Jake Evans.

And you know what? I can't really control the safety of EHDW. If you're afraid to take a couple chokeslams or maybe a spear or two, then you shouldn't be fucking wrestling. That's the whole purpose of this goddamn business. To spear bitches and bodyslam a couple fuckers.

After lowering the microphone, Phillip took one, long, final pause and stared down each man individually once again. He stroked the bit of stubble that was beginning to form on his chin, then finally raised the microphone again.

So, for those of you that missed my lecture to go get a Coke or some shit, lemme summarize all that into just four simple words: I will never quit.

He dropped the microphone and locked his eyes on all six men as he exited the ring and continued back up the ramp.
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Phil listen up ...
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